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" Hello. I'm Jules Wilson, your host for RV With Me and See Grins.
We'll travel, learn and discover everything there is to see and know about exciting RV lifestyles!
Let's create some great adventures together!"

RV with Me and See Grins

Show 29 / Airs 10/10/2014

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RV with Me and See Grins

Show 28 / Airs 9/12/2014

Info coming soon


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 27 / Airs 8/15/2014

In this fast-paced episode, we take you to the Hollister Harley Rally…Wow!  Also, another one of our viewers is putting See Grins RV to the test…we’ll show you the BEST way to travel to Hollywood. And, come join us on an exclusive tour of the fascinating Winnebago factory.  Get ready for some WILD RV fun!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 26 / Airs 7/11/2014

Wanderlust… The joy of traveling, discovery, adventure.  Witn an RV, sleep is more peaceful, food has more flavor.  The journey is truly the seasoning of life.  Encounter unexpected treasures around every bend.  In this episode, we’ll discover how to enjoy a new backyard every weekend!!!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 25 / Airs 6/13/2014

Wanderlust: the joy of traveling, discovery, adventure.   The journey is truly the seasoning of life!  Is this episode, you’ll encounter unexpected treasures around every bend and you’ll discover how to enjoy a new backyard every weekend!  Plus, we showcase the latest and coolest iconic RV’s! 

RV with Me and See Grins

Show 24 / Airs 5/09/2014

It’s that time of year to get your spring back in your step.  The time when life around you awakens.  Kids are dreaming of summer adventures, and the kid in you is ready for adventure, fun and romance.  In this episode, you’ll find many ways to get the spring back in YOUR step!

RV with Me and See Grins

Show 23 / Airs 4/11/2014

"SPRINGTIME!"  New birth is all around.  The sun is shining and this means you have more time to get outdoors and enjoy it.  And there's no better way to enjoy Spring's treasures than with an RV!  Plus, one of our viewers has put Seegrins to the test!  Can Seegrins deliver?  You'll discover lots of fun and surprises in this fast-paced episode of  "RV with Me"!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 22 / Airs 3/14/2014

Spontaneity:  the ability to take control of your life right when the desire grabs you.  No reservations required, no early check-out, no packing!  In this episode, adventures are just around the corner, and weekends are just better when you can take your home with you.   Let’s go RVing!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 21 / Airs 2/14/2014

How do you define adventure?  Is it a cross-country trip or a fun weekend getaway just north of the Golden Gate Bridge?  Maybe your sense of adventure is an adrenaline fix.  We show you the best ways to travel to your favorite adventures in this fast-paced-episode.  Get ready!!!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 20 / Airs 1/10/2014

The New Year means new beginnings. An opportunity to spend more quality time with family and friends.  A new chance for romance and more adventures, a resolution to make 2014 your best year ever!  In this episode, it’s all about new beginnings and having lots more fun!!!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 19 / Airs 10/25/2013

FREEDOM means being able to live life to the fullest.  Here at Seegrins RV, we want to help you enjoy life more!!!  In this special episode, we show you how you can get your freedom back, so you can hit the road, and discover this beautiful country we call home.  It’s time to get off that couch!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 18 / Airs 9/13/2013

We all know there’s no place like home.  But, where do you stay when your call for adventure takes you away from home?   And how do you bring the comforts of home with you?  With an RV, you can enjoy comfort and ease in all your travels.  We’ll show you the latest and coolest RV’s at the huge Seegrins RV show going on RIGHT NOW!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 17 / Airs 8/09/2013

Life is filled with wonder and excitement …it’s what the “Good Life’ is all about.  Today we show you how EASY it is to drive a 40 foot diesel motorhome…no joke!  The “Discovery”: is easy to drive and so luxurious…all of the comforts of home. RVing is all about comfort and convenience! And, what do RV’s have to do with the professional Dog Show world…we’ll take you to Carmel, CA to find out!!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 16 / Airs 7/12/2013

Seegrins is THE ONLY place to check out the diesel, solar powered “Roadrek”!  What a beauty that is good for the environment and your pocketbook!  When you RV, healthy eating is easy, especially when your next RV adventure takes you to Casa De Fruta; which we visit in this fun-filled episode.  We also take you to the wilderness…oops; we mean we showcase the beautiful Wilderness, Excursion and Coleman RV’s.  So fun!!!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 15 / Airs 6/7/2013

No matter what your definition of fun and adventure is… Getting away from the city to find peace and tranquility, playing in the sand like a child again, or soaring to new heights; this episode is jam-packed with summer fun for all!    And don’t forget, folks, with an RV… the FUN never stops!!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 14 / Airs 5/9/2013

Whether it’s a sexy Desert Fox or a cute sleeping dog, here at See Grins RV, we love all kinds of animals!  We also love fast-paced adventures and we’ll take you to a place where you can experience the thrill of the checkered flag.  Plus, we showcase the coolest innovative RV’s to take you anywhere YOU want to go.  On your mark…get set…GO!!!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 13 / Airs 4/5/2013

In this fun-filled episode, we'll take you to one of the most popular RV resorts in the Bay Area!  We'll also take you to the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast and show you where you can get up close and personal with the majestic elephant seals.  We love a good challenge...Seegrins has been put to an RV challenge...can Seegrins deliver???


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 12 / Airs 3/8/2013

Did you know that there are actually health benefits to RVing for you and your family?  Looking for some real adventure?  How about hitting the road with a "Roadtrek"'s like a hitting a hole-in-one.   And, we'll take you to the largest water park in America!! 


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 11 / Airs 2/15/2013

In this eposode we travel to the Jersey Shore and experience the thrill of the Steel Pier. We spotlight a toy hauler that is "cooler" than an "Outlaw"!! How about a travel trailer that you can tow with your smaller SUV? Here at Seegrins, everyone is a VIP!!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 10 / Airs 1/18/2013

Here at Seegrins, it really is an RV show everyday!! Enjoy free foods on the weekends, and we are always ready for a fun adventure. In this show we take you to Shaver Lake where you can RV ALL YEAR LONG!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 9 / Airs 10/20/2012

In this episode we'll show you how the "Element RV" is just like riding in your own private luxury jet...and don't we all deserve just a little bit of luxury?! We also show you how "fly fishing" is great for family bonding, and we take a walk down 5th wheel avenue!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 8 / Airs 9/8/2012

Your pets are part of your family, right? Good news...when you travel in an RV, you can bring your pets with you. Steve Folan shows us that Seegrins has the best selection of RVs For Sale By Owner like Fleetwood,Winnebago, Tiffin, Monaco and Newmar. Come on down!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 7 / Airs 8/11/2012

When we say, "Let's create great RV adventures", we mean it!' So, we took a little trip with the Wynn's to Arcacia, Maine. How about taking you own trip in a Cyclone RV? It's the perfect choice for taking all your toys on an amazing adventure!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 6 / Airs 7/6/2012

Take a trip with us as the Wynn's take us to the San Francisco RV resort, and then we head east to Chesapeake Bay. With an Ultra-lite travel trailer, all you need is any small SUV to tow and you'll be on your way to making your own magic memories!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 5 / Airs 6/8/2012

In this episode, we show you the fun and freedom of "Dry Camping", we take a look at our hot little Mavrics, we show you how much fun a toy hauler is, and we take you to Camp 49er RV Ranch where you can pan for gold...REALLY!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 4 / Airs 5/10/2012

Why stay in a hotel when you can have your own luxury suite every time you travel in your Big Horn sky lounge model? Here at Seegrins we want to take care of all of your RV needs...check out the biggest RV Parts and Accessories department west of the Mississippi. All of this is waiting for you at Seegrins!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 3 / Airs 4/7/2012

We take a trip to Casa De Fruita to experience all of the local RV fun! Before you go on your next trip, we show you how you can get there with a little "Attitude", or maybe you're a "Raod Warrior" type of RVer and like to relax in your man-cave!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 2 / Airs 3/10/2012

Ever dream of vacationing right at the water's edge? We travel to Seascape Beach where you can RV and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. Ahhh! How about a Landmark RV to take you there? All the luxurious comforts of your own home!


RV with Me and See Grins

Show 1 / Airs 2/4/2012

Tailgating at the San Francisco 49ers playoff game. What could be better? Tailgate in style with all of your friends in a diesel motohome from Seegrins RV! Game on!!


Jules Wilson
- Host

I'm new to RVing, but I love all of the exciting adventures that RVing offers for me and my family. I can bring all of my shoes and blow dryer and still connect with the great outdoors. Rving is not what it used to be!!!

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Randy Scianna



Tim Jasper
- General Sales Manager

35yrs. of RV sales experence. Owned 8 RVs and I'm an active RVer. I'm proud of our customer service and have my personal cell phone on my business card.

mike chavez

Mike Chavez
- For Sale By Owner Manager

I lead a team of 4 Rv hunters. We take pride in our turn rate of 87% and want your RV to sell. If you are in the market of upgrading or just want to sell your RV, We are the guys to get it done!

  Jim Eberhardt

Jim Eberhardt
- Roadtrek Manager

Exclusive Roadtrek sales consultant with factory training. His real passion, however, is seeing "first timers" get their first vehicles and helping them learn about how to get the most out of the RV lifestyle.


Daniel Vasquez
- Parts and Accesories Manager

As parts mangers I strive for customer service. I will help you find any part needed, if I dont have it in stock we will hunt one done for you.



Nikky and Jason Wynn


The Wynn's
- Thousand Trails

"We sold everything and bought an RV and hit the road!"

-Nikky and Jason

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Our Journeys

- San Francisco 49ers
- Jersey Shore "Steel Pier"
- Shaver Lake
- Arcacia, Maine
- Chesapeake Bay
- San Francisco RV Resort
- Camp 49er RV Ranch
- Casa De Fruita
- Seascape Beach
- Santa Cruz/ Monteray KOA
- Laguna Saca
- Carmel Valley Dog Show
- San Franciso North-Petaluma KOA
- Hollister Hills
- Roaring Camp

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